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Don't Break the Bank
Spending money is always easier than earning it. Track where each dollar comes from and plan how to save and spend. Thinking you should use credit cards? This app shows the pitfalls of using credit and puts it all into perspective. This easy-to-follow app uses tips and best practices from Peterson’s young adult book, “Don’t Break the Bank”. Start planning today!

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SAT Vocab Words You Embed In Your Head
Is mastering long vocabulary lists a boring and painful drudgery for you? Not anymore! SAT Vocab is a powerful tool that brings you an incredibly funny way to enhance your experience in vocabulary learning and help you tackle the SAT Critical Reasoning and Writing sections. Cruise through the hilarious cartoons, created by the award-winning cartoonist, Martha Gradisher, that provide visual images to help you remember the meaning of each word. SAT words are used with a caption that clearly demonstrates how they are used in the sentence or phrase. You can start with a specific word, or you can move alphabetically from one cartoon to another. Feeling adventurous? Then select a random cartoon from the main menu or just shake the device and see what cartoon pops up.

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